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lunes, 1 de agosto de 2016

OUT NOW! Ya Disponible Castlemaniak - EP by Looperfunk

Whitecrab Records is now selling 'Castlemaniak' by LooperFunk, an electronic music duo composed by Santy Molina and Manel López aka mamomo.

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sábado, 25 de junio de 2016

Castlemaniak official cover

Whitecrab Records proudly presents 'Castlemaniak' by LooperFunk, an electronic music duo composed by Santy Molina and Manel López aka mamomo.

LooperFunk DJs and Producers duo are well known for delivering banging tunes! On this occasion they drop ‘Castlemaniak’, a two track EP with groovy percussion and dirty sounding leads.

At Whitecrab we are very excited as these tunes are already being played in Ibiza and will sound everywhere this summer in cities like Miami, London, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Tokyo, Moscow...

Find more about these artists at

sábado, 4 de junio de 2016

New Looperfunk track and new signing with the prestigious label Whitecrab Records

We are excited that our music join a catalog of prestigious Whitecrablabel, based in London, WhiteCrab Records is a brand new House music label formed by talented producers looking to build unique network of DJ's and Producers across the EU and Americas, and that makes our group reaches the ear of many more dancefloors in clubs in the world.

You can listen a preview of the new Looperfunk an EP with two versions, "Radio Mix" and "Club Mix" that soon will sell under the label Whitecrab Records !!! Goooo!

lunes, 25 de enero de 2016

New year, new sound studio

We started the year with a lot of energy!  

We are already thinking of new ideas and challenges and we want to renew our study to have more power.

If this past year has been a great year for Looperfunk this year that rowing it much better!
Join us!

jueves, 20 de agosto de 2015

Two important chances to see Looperfunk

Hello. Over the next weekend Looperfunk will be performing 2 new live sets. The first one will be on saturday night of the 22nd of August at Blau club in l'Ámetlla de Mar. The second set will take place on an amazing venue at the Parc del Pescador of Cambrils Tarragona starting at 12:00 PM of sunday 23rd.

Two important chances to see Looperfunk in action showing their new track "You Can Do It" amongst all the other hits you want to hear and dance. Don't miss it!

Hola, este fin de semana Looperfunk va a realizar 2 nuevos sets en directo, el primero es el sábado 22 por la noche en la discoteca Blau de l'Ámetlla de Mar y el segundo el domingo 23 en un escenario inigualable, en el Parc del Pescador de Cambrils Tarragona a partir de las 12:00h del mediodia. 

2 ocasiones importantes para ver en acción a Looperfunk estrenado su nuevo track "You Can Do It" ademas de otros tracks del grupo. No te lo pierdas!

Looperfunk sucs set photos & video 14/08/2015

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